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Wine Mini Tassel
From £3.75
Wine Zip Edged Corsage
From £15.95
Wine Feather Mount
From £24.00
Wine Metallic Ombre Grosgrain
From £12.95 per metre
Wine Plume Percher
Wine Felt Percher Leather Rose
From £295.00
Wine Bunch of Bows Felt Percher
From £395.00
Wine Kid Leather Flower Percher
From £425.00
Wine Sea Urchin
From £75.00
Wine Sea Urchin
From £75.00
Wine Moire Satin Bow
From £19.95
Wine Triple Skirt Rayon Tassel
From £26.95
Wine Stretch Velvet Ribbon
From £1.95 per metre
Wine Bin End Bullion Fringe
From £9.95 per metre
Wine Velvet Coco Bow
From £75.00
Wine Velvet Bow
From £19.95

Velvet Snips and Snaps

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