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Vintage Pink Veiled Felt Hat
Sissinghurst Pink Deauville Jaunt
From £555.00
Sissinghurst Pink Carmel Twist
From £475.00
Sissinghurst Pink Mirabelle
From £510.00
Sissinghurst Pink Bow On Clip
From £4.95
Sissinghurst Pink Heart Jacquard
From £2.50 per metre
Sissinghurst Pink Coco Multi Fluff Halo
From £185.00
Sissinghurst Pink Giant Faux Leather Hat
From £65.00
Vintage Blusher Clermont
From £470.00
Vintage Blusher Lace
From £5.95 per metre
Vintage Blusher Borghese Bloom
From £410.00
Vintage Blusher Rose Souffle
From £485.00
Vintage Blusher Daytripper
From £395.00
Vintage Blusher Bow On Clip
From £4.95
Vintage Blusher Rose Brooch
Vintage Blusher Coloured Stitched Edge Grosgrain
From £2.10 per metre

Velvet Snips and Snaps

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