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Flint Two Colour Cord
From £3.50 per metre
Flint Felt Percher with Vintage Beads
From £510.00
Flint Percher with Metal Cord Twist
From £295.00
Flint Felt Bee Bunny
From £365.00
Flint Felt Velvet Bow Beret
From £110.00
Flint Tweed Jockey Cap
Flint Beaded Brooch
From £6.95
Flint Fur Fringe
From £55.95 per metre
Flint Spotted Feather Fringe
From £12.50 per metre
Flint Ombre Wired Ribbon
From £2.60 per metre
Flint Velvet Coco Bow
From £75.00
Flint Feather Tourbillon
Flint Felt Percher Old French
Flint Flower Motif
From £7.95
Flint Velvet Lattice Headband
Flint Wool Flower
From £5.95

Velvet Snips and Snaps

Satin and Silk Snips and Snaps

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