Fun with old lampshades

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Recycling Lampshades


We have taken some old lampshades, freshened them up by repainting some designs and adding V V Rouleaux gimps, ribbons and fringes.

We have been dying to try a double fringe on a lampshade for some time, and this particular shade just fits the bill. The actual shade had been painted and a bobble fringe applied but we needed a more sophisticated look.

The shade has a green and silver paint effect that runs and blends into the original off white colour at the base. Around the top we have echoed the off white in an Oyster Shell gimp, and around the base we have hung two different  depths of fringe.

Most of us like to change our decor from time to time. We had found this pale pink shade and wanted to create something really individual to enhance our interior. 

We did it with paint and a paint brush or two, using flowers from the garden as inspiration. The gorgeous double sided velvet ribbon and cheeky little fringe, glued in place really brought the whole scheme together!

Roses are Red, well actually in this case they are pink, this shade has been beautifully painted for us with these gorgeous roses in shades of pink. This time we just added a beaded fringe over the original lampshade fringe and then topped the shade off, with one of our Bin End Braids.


If you are looking on our online store don’t under estimate what might be in those Bin Ends, you may just find what you are looking for. This particular one just brought our whole colour scheme of the shade together to match the wax cord lamp stand and the room.

Another one of those lovely old fashioned lampshades which was a little worse for wear, but someone had already painted it a lovely ombre rust colour. It seemed a shame to cover that up too much, so out came a white permanent pen.


Distant memories of a sketch book project, drawing allium seed heads, came flooding back,  and here we are…….a very quick and easy on trend lamp shade. The trims to go with it had to enhance the overall look of the simple design, which is why we chose a gorgeous white gimp to trim the top and a lovely long swishy fringe to finish the bottom.

Lets face it lampshades get grubby over the years and sometimes you just can’t find the right shape or size. Here is our ombre lamp shade solution, and this one was so much fun to create. Choose your colour palette to suit your decor. 

We used some pots of dye that you can mix with water generally or sprinkle on and spray water onto them, they contain a mix of amazing colours in each shade. A black, lime green and a teal shade created this and we absolutely love it! Once coloured then choosing the right trims from our shop or online store couldn’t be easier, and we think we nailed it with our velvet and beads combo."

Time to thrill... when we started with this lampshade, it was a little faded with time, and we wanted to bring it back to life with a twist. We squeezed out some poster paints, got a good brush and took a day off to just relax and create something amazing.

If the colours are getting lost don’t panic, just paint some white on first and then your colour once it's dry. This one was the ideal project to do in the garden on a sunny day. We then grabbed a couple of gimps - Red Hot Poker and Sissinghurst Pink, and a fringe to match. That's V V decorating in an instant!

We don’t much do plain here at V V Rouleaux, you may have noticed. So when challenged with a plain, kind of gold shade, what could we do other than paint some lovely trailing flower vines onto it. Give it a go. With a design like this if you feel unsure about your skills as an artist, then you could use a ready made stencil and choose three or four colours to match your scheme.

To give this a more upmarket feel we chose a lovely Dark Amaryllis gimp to finish the top and a fabulous Red Squirrel lampshade fringe to complete the look.

Wow what fun these shades have been to create.

This was plain white shade originally, we just literally splattered it with a pink and a blue paint, what a transformation by adding these glorious trims. Annabel said to us the other day, “you can’t use velvet again, we seem to use velvet all of the time”... well there is a reason for that Annabel…….it’s just amazing and transforms things from every day to something very special.

So it’s happened again Pretty Rose Pink single sided velvet ribbon has just brought our whole lampshade scheme together, and we have a fantastic selection of colours in stock. What a stunning addition that beaded trim is too, doubled up with a super long fringe.