V V Chapeaux goes Racing

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V V Chapeaux - Race Day Inspirations

Winning Styles

Racing StyleRacing Style
Clotted Cream Goodwood Bow (sold) - A Clotted Cream percher with soft Pale Wisteria crin mixed with Cream Bows and Swirls.
Raceday styleRaceday style
Ascot Swirl (sold) - An Arabian Sandstorm buntal saucer with cut feather mount and handmade Clotted Cream Roses. Finished with soft veiling and a bow at the back.
Raceday StyleRaceday Style
Deauville Swirl - A Clotted Cream round buntal base adorned with a Kingfisher crin sweeps and curls, and a pretty giant crin bow held with a central large feather flower.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Ascot Swirl - A Lily of the Valley straw percher with Pale Lobelia ondulation crin and crin swirls finished with three mini pearls.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Belmont Spring - A classic Side Percher in Pitch Blue with handmade wired Lily of the Valley sprigs and rose buds.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Ascot Bouquet - A Clotted Cream blocked percher air hostess style - with vintage mini 1940's flowers with pearl centres, pearl buds, and handmade tight swirl centre silk satin roses toppped with organdy and silk rose buds.
Raceday styleRaceday style
Longchamp Flare - A Pitch Blue handmade veil disc with two biot mounts and two handmade feather mounts dotted with Muscari glass beads. Parisienne chic on Arc day…
Raceday styleRaceday style
Goodwood Swirl - Raspberry sculpted folded crin sweeping around a straw Raspberry side percher with a centre passementerie pin. The Downs will swoon…



beach weddingbeach wedding
San Siro Flower (sold) - A large classic two tone sinamay hat with a hand painted leather crinkled flower in beige and cream tones, a crinoline black plaited large double bow on the side, with a centre of mini black sequin diamante flower.
Raceday styleRaceday style
Muscari Longchamp Bleu - A handmade veil disk in Muscari with vintage Muscari guinea fowl trim flowers with crystal Muscari centres, and two spiked feather mounts.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Keeneland Twist - Sculpted Arabian Sandstorm disc with a rough edge, diamond veiling and two Lily of the Valley handmade feather flowers.
Wedding HatWedding Hat
Deauville Jaunt - A Sissinghurst Pink and Post Box Red double colour fine straw hat with hand cut Sissinghurst Pink feather pom.
Parisien ChicParisien Chic
Longchamp Bow - A Magenta and Plum mixed crin with two handmade cut feather flowers and a Vintage Blusher handmade Veil Disk.
Raceday looksRaceday looks
Pale Wisteria Keeneland Veil - A soft and pretty bunch of Pale Wisteria renunculas and two biot feather mounts on a buntal button finished with dotted Plum veiling.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Ascot Poppy (sold) - A poppy pop Post Box Red buntal side percher with waffle veil and hand made giant poppy.
Derby HatDerby Hat
Sherbet Lemon Derby Bow (sold) - A sculpted straw disc shaped and stitched to form a giant faux rose with a hand plaited straw giant bow.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Pale Lemon Delmar Deb - A vintage rafia plaited braid blocked to a little percher with Italian handmade 1990 flowers in fluorescent green.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Longchamp Belle (sold) - A Lily of the Valley handmade veil disc with two handcut feather and biot flowers, Deep Forest mount with coq sprays, finished with green and cream dots.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Deauville Sweep (sold) - A Clotted Cream saucer with Leaf Green beaded grape details and a Leaf Green crin sweeping around the brim and beautiful crin bows fastened with tiny bunches of grapes.
Ascot HatAscot Hat
Deaville Wave (sold) - Elegant side wave sinamay sweep in Clotted Cream encapsulated with hand pleated cream crin and two statement hand cut star feather flowers perched on the side.

Many thanks to;

Vivi at Viewzfinder

Flo at Flo Brooks Photography 

Location - D'Oyly Carte Island

Styling - Sarah Kate Byrne

Make up - @marthasitwell

Clothes - Beulah, Claire Mischevani, Constantine Rex, Suzannah London, Mignonette, Loan the Look Rental, Caroline Andrew, 

Jewellery - Annoushka, Kastur Jewels

Models - Jennifer Jane, Sapphire O'Neil