Our Summer Occasion Hats

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V V Chapeaux - 1st Edit

Pale Wisteria Ascot HatPale Wisteria Ascot Hat
Keeneland Spring - a soft and pretty bunch of Pale Wisteria renunculas and two biot feather mounts on a buntal button finished with dotted Plum veiling.
Pale Green Ascot HatPale Green Ascot Hat
Printemps de Villandry - a Nicotiana Green side percher with ondulation crin stitched in a double layer. Hand painted silk flowers in shade tones of green and pink.
Black Occasion HatBlack Occasion Hat
San Siro Flower - a large classic two tone sinamay hat with a hand painted leather crinkled flower in beige and cream tones, a crinoline black plaited large double bow on the side, centred with mini black sequins and a diamante flower. Milan here we come…
Black Ascot HatBlack Ascot Hat
Moulin - a Black buntal straw round base, supporting a black and cream hand woven silk pleated sinamay fan. A handcut burst of feather flowers with pearl couture beads and a coq and feather mount.
Yellow Occasion HatYellow Occasion Hat
San Francisco Pleat - a Sherbet Lemon Faux Leather large hat with a low crown topped with a double layer of matching onduation crin.
Black Wedding HatBlack Wedding Hat
Miami Swing - a Black and Gold two tone hat in a classic shape with a pleated gold crin and hand cut feather flower pom.
V V Chapeaux Madge Chard HatV V Chapeaux Madge Chard Hat
Madge's Bow - a small percher with hundreds of handmade 1980's velvet petal flowers, and Kingfisher crin encapsualted with multi coloured veiling in white and red dots. A naming nod to the eccentric milliner Madge Chard where Annabel's mother worked.
Wedding FashionWedding Fashion
Monet Mono - a Black small rough straw percher with a hand made water lily crin with black shoots tipped with white, a vintage yarn covered bead centre with white waffle veiling.
Magenta Occasion HatMagenta Occasion Hat
Regine - a Sinamay Side Percher in Pale Plum, twisted feathers and coq feather mount in Vintage Blusher, two handcut feather poms in Dark Amaryllis tucked under the brim - a V V Ascot Classic. A naming nod to the great Regine.
La Gloire - a Handblocked old straw Percher in Scabious Lilac with 1950's shaded Lilac and Scabious Lilac mini flowers with yellow stamen centres.
Cream Ascot HatCream Ascot Hat
Monet - a Clotted Cream hand blocked Percher with handmade crin water lily with black stems, tipped with Flirtatious Spring, Emerald and Squashed Gooseberry, and finished with centre petals in mixed greens.
Ascot Hat Ascot Hat
Grappe Vert - a large sinamay saucer with layers of crin and fashion crin bows finished with a hand coloured brooch of beaded grapes.

Come and try on V V Chapeaux at V V Rouleaux, Marylebone Lane, London.

Many thanks to the wonderful Flo at Flo Brooks Photography

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