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Post Box Red Velvet and Organdy Rose
From £34.00
Sable Twig Velvet Flower Bouquet
From £24.95
Blue Grass Diamante Flower
From £10.95
Squashed Gooseberry Zip Flower
From £10.95
Dark Amaryllis Knit Flower on Lace
From £16.95 per metre
Onion Skin Peonie with Pin
From £10.95
Pitch Blue Feather Flower
From £14.95
Copper Flower
From £8.95
Flint Flower
From £7.95
Pale Wisteria Water Lily
From £39.00
Oyster Shell Silk Rose
From £34.00
Magenta Velvet Flower Bunch
From £26.00
Gold Silver Pear & Bead
From £21.00 per metre
Peonie Red Silk Flower
From £49.00
Moroccan Mint Tea Fabric Flower
From £21.95
Leaf Green Rose
From £8.95