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Black Monet Mono
From £675.00
Linen Linen Tape
From £0.60 per metre
Black Metallic Wool Braid
From £3.95 per metre
Black Kingfisher Jacquard
From £7.95 per metre
Black Giant Plaited Rafia Headdress
From £435.00
Black Jacquard
From £5.95 per metre
Black Diamante Jockey Cap
From £475.00
White Rafia Headband
From £410.00
Black D'Oyly Encore
From £485.00
Stone Miami Cool
From £555.00
White Beatrix Twist
From £495.00
V V Rouleaux Gift Voucher
From £10.00
Flint Gimp
From £7.95 per metre
Flint Hand Plaited Metallic Headband
From £195.00
Black Metallic Cord Headband
From £155.00
Black Flower Brooch

Velvet Snips and Snaps

Gift Voucher