V V Rouleaux on Veronica Beard's first London runway

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Veronica Beard x V V Rouleaux

First Highlights of the VV/VB collaboration

Don’t you just love the combination of textures in this look? The perfectly ruffled petals of the Stirred Coffee flower headband with the colourful knitted scarf and subtle details of the Lawrence Dickey Jacket by Veronica Beard. The flower clip can be used on the hair or as a corsage or added to a hat. 




Our Gold scroll gimp braid with Ruby Slippers is used in multiple ways to accessories and trim this look. It adds a wonderful touch to the Dark Bark double sided velvet bow tied underneath the denim collar. It has also been used as a mock clutch bag and perfectly demonstrates how it can be used for bag straps and trims. The use of our double sided velvet in Dark Bark works so well to match the elbow patches on the fantastic Destry Houndstooth Dickey Jacket to create a cohesive look. 

Here we have lady amherst feathers in Ripe Plum and Peony Red on a classic straw hat. Complimenting the beautiful autumnal tones in this Avani Floral-Print Dress.


Just look at the way the light catches the highlights on this headband! This headband has a mixture of Pebble, Clotted Cream, Barley Dust and Clay feathers to create volume and depth with a neutral colour palette to suit any outfit.


Our Stirred Coffee giant rose instantly catches the eye. Paired with our old gold metallic bullion fringe they adorn this reinvented trilby hat. The gold trimmings accentuate the earthy tones in the Borrelli Ribbon-Print Dress and have been used alongside the gold scroll braid to create another fantastic mock clutch bag to accessorise the look.


The show marked the opening of the Veronica Beard x V V Rouleaux Haberdashery, a new in-store activation for VB's London flagship store in Bruton Street.

Until 30th November visitors will be able to create their own one of a kind pieces using VB ready-to-wear and a great selection V V trimmings. 

Additionally Veronica Beard has created two limited edition bespoke jackets

The Cirtane

The Faustine Dickey



Dark Amaryllis biot feathers are used to make this fabulous headband. This headband is a brilliantly simple way to add a unique touch for any occasion whether you’re venturing to a wedding, the races or going out in the evening. 


This Lars Tweed Jacket has been trimmed with our Gold scroll gimp braid with a  Ruby slippers insert, and gold tassels - which would look just as good on a military jacket. The tassels on the shoulders and sleeves create beautiful movement and are sure to turn heads. 


Mixes of Black silk and giant organdy roses have been utilised wonderfully by attaching to the shoulder of the Nalida Dickey Coat to flow and cascade down her back. 


See the Veronica Beard London runway show 

Veronica Beard x V V Rouleaux Haberdashery

Many thanks to the inspirational Veronicas


The stunning variety of colours in this Navaho headband bring out the range of colours in this Hedera Floral-Print Dress it is paired with. The varying types of feathers displayed on this headband bring not just colour but texture and height to the ensemble.