Spring Trousers

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Baggy an Upcycled Spring Look 


We have taken a trip back to when we loved baggy trousers and wooly jumpers - and added some silky twists!


Who hasn't got a spare pair of black trousers? We upstyled these using scaps of ribbon that have been mounting up in the office over 30 years! Dive into your sewing boxes and get out all the special ribbons you have saved and create some patch work squares. 

Don't fret over a belt - grab a handful of waxed cords and grosgrain and tie in a messy knot!

Then find that Bolero jacket from yesteryear, or maybe grannie's old shawl and trim them in this fabulous ombre silk fringe.

For our lady at the gate we found an antique French table runner and trimmed it with our Hellebore Green Lampshade Fringe, and then layared rows on rows of ribbons from Flirtatious Spring Striped Grosgrain to Squashed Gooseberry Stretch Dot Velvet, Barley Dust Velvet Ric Rac to Pebble Herringbone Velvet.



Slouchy, Springy, Stylish - that's the V V look this Spring


Many thanks as always to the wonderful Flo @ Flo Brooks Photography


We have topped off our gorgeous outfits with our exclusive headbands which we have made with plaiting red and white cords.