Decorate an eye catching mantelpiece

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Fireplaces to Warm to




The Fireplace - it's where we gather before each great Christmas event. A place to warm and catch up with friends and family. 


Decorate it to match your style...


Vintage with our metal flower decorations and hints of all year round colour. We have used pine garlands as the base then added bunches of metal flowers and leaves. The height comes from some metal mistletoe branches and tall candle sticks. The faded elegance of a French chateau.


Or you could go deep and crisp and even and bring a little of that cruel frost inside. One of our Christmas frills is opening the garden door and seeing winter twinkle across the park. You can clump frosted branches amongst your favourite photos or little mementos. Stretch a wire across the back of the mantel to anchor your foliage.

christmas wreath fireplacechristmas wreath fireplace
christmas fireplacechristmas fireplace
festive mantlepiecefestive mantlepiece




How about a cool and elegant look created with just a few poinsettia stems, and finished with tassels and a big wired bow in our favourite "shot" coloured ribbon.


Red berry mantlepieceRed berry mantlepiece


This look is all about about remembering what you have spotted on your long Christmas walks. Ivy and holly garlands, little birds, mushrooms, balls of berries, acorns scattererd under the oaks.


Of course you need a bit of V V license to imagine a big red butterfly, but what's Christmas without a little fantasy?


Many thanks as always to Flo at Flo Brooks Photography 


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festive red mantlepiecefestive red mantlepiece
christmas mantlepiece decorationchristmas mantlepiece decoration