When Annabel founded V V Rouleaux her mission was to prove that there is no barrier between fashion and home - your can trim anything, anywhere...


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Barley Dust Cotton and Linen Tape
From £6.95 per metre
Raspberry Linen Tape
From £3.95
Deep Apricot Braid with Pearls
From £13.95
Dark Amaryllis Gimp
From £1.70 per metre
Leaf Green Gimp (D)
From £4.95 per metre
Stone Gimp (D)
From £4.95 per metre
Dark Bark Gimp
From £2.75 per metre
Onion Skin Bin End Braid
From £4.95
Peonie Red Opera Box Bullion
From £65.00
Deep Forest Bin End Bullion Fringe
From £49.00
Light Gold Black Metallic Jacquard
From £5.95 per metre
Gold Metallic Frogged Braid
From £42.00 per metre
Black White Yellow Herringbone Tape
From £7.95 per metre
Red Hot Poker Leather Piping
From £3.95 per metre
Pale Lobelia Stitch Tape
From £2.60 per metre
Ecru Blue Yellow Red Jacquard
From £25.95 per metre

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