Velvet Ribbon

A woven tufted ribbon with a cut pile, it is smoth and soft to touch with a luxurious look. Supple and pliable it comes in single sided and double sided, stretch and even printed. We love it for napkin ties, belts, and subtle bows. The widest single sided velvet we have is 100mm in black and the widest double sided velvet is 48mm.


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Flirtatious Spring Double Sided Nylon Velvet Ribbon
Himalayan Poppy Crushed Velvet Ribbon
Old Azalea Crushed Velvet Ribbon
Green Slate Crushed Velvet Ribbon
Barley Dust Crushed Velvet Ribbon
Pebble Double Sided Nylon Velvet Ribbon
Vintage Blusher Pleated Velvet
Leaf Green Pleated Velvet
Dark Amaryllis Pleated Velvet
Black Beaded Ribbon
Blue Grass Beaded Ribbon
Sherbet Lemon Beaded Ribbon
Bird of Paradise Beaded Ribbon
Ruby Slippers Beaded Ribbon
Kingfisher Beaded Ribbon

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