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V V Rouleaux Gift Voucher
From £10.00
Black Beaded Necklace
From £39.95
Black Puma Brooch
From £19.95
Pearl Pearl Clip
From £10.95
Pearl Clip
From £10.95
Silver Bead & Diamante
From £7.95
Crow Black Diamond Motif
From £25.95 per metre
Black Diamond Motif
From £25.95 per metre
Flint Beaded Wing Motif
From £12.95
Black Beaded Wing Motif
From £12.95
Flint Applique Beaded Fern Motif
From £29.95
Black Beaded Brooch
From £11.95
Black Crystal Motif
From £9.95
Black Knot Motif
From £29.00
Black Silver Bead Motif
From £12.95
Clear Beaded Flower
From £12.95

Velvet Snips and Snaps

Gift Voucher