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Magenta Jacquard Ribbon
From £4.95 per metre
Rhubarb Hand Painted Leather Frilly Poppy Bloom
From £375.00
Multi Pigneto
From £285.00
Vintage Blusher Flower
From £59.00
Vintage Blusher Flower on Clip
From £10.95
Old azalea Wide Satin Ribbon
From £10.95 per metre
Old Fuchsia Jacquard Fringe
From £9.95 per metre
Rose Pink Rose Lace
From £18.95 per metre
Magenta Triple Rose
From £52.00
Old Fuchsia Striped Tape
From £1.60 per metre
Pink Metal Flower Bunch
From £59.00
Old Fuchsia Flat Wax Cord
From £0.95 per metre
Sissinghurst Pink Rayon Tassel
From £4.95
Sissinghurst Pink Spotted Frilled Ribbon
From £5.95 per metre
Sissinghurst Pink Herringbone from Recyclables
From £2.80 per metre
Sissinghurst Pink Bobble Fringe
From £6.25 per metre

Velvet Snips and Snaps

Satin and Silk Snips and Snaps

Royal Ascot Hats