Define and Dare


Looking for a week-end invite? Turn heads with a headband of Navahoe feathers, give a new lease of life to a favourite skirt with a vibrant vintage grosgrain frill for the pockets, then overlay with a poncho edged in rich orange ric-rac and a tassel fringe. A new trim of triple bobbles provides a rich copper tone on the @anta_scotland carpet bag and you are all set...

A finely tuned interior is the ultimate location for birds of paradise whose plume of fabulous festival feathers and sunshine yellow double velvet ribbons dazzle. Bold black and tangerine webbing on these boots and an @anta_scotland cube is skirted with ostrich feathers. This pretty white blouse has had a sprinkle of spring stitched to the collar in the form of a perfect yellow and green floral frill. Double velvet sunshine yellow bows have been tied and added to the cuff with a little green pompom to make sure you blossom.

Offer a cool look with the Tiddly PomPom headband - sling your poncho with its vibrant orange ric-rac and spring-coloured tassel fringe over your shoulder.

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