Sing in spring with military denim


In tune

Lie back and tune up to Spring in an elegant military jacket from @molohtetbury - updated with a twist of dressing gown cord in pale blue and copper with black flecks and added to the shoulders. Stitch in a collection of tiny flower tapes along the seams of this redesigned cut jeans skirt, sprouting spring colours with rose, azure and sissinghurst pink, a flash of yellow fringing at the hem completes this vivacious spring mode. All kicked off with @mandarina sneakers and mismatched laces.

Stand to attention

If you want to attend the parade how about adding some trims and pompoms to suede chaps and booting up.

Perfect balance

A delicate muscari bright blue frill has been added to the collar on this beautiful military jacket from @molohtetbury , a twist of chenille rope in pale blue, copper with black flecks is added to the shoulders and the finishing touch of a hand embroidered butterfly brooch is attached to the lapel. Daffodil frogging braid has been hand-twisted and attached to a headband to make a statement.

A rose flower trim with stretch frill at the end of a pair of jeans ensures a feminine touch and replace your shoe laces with pale pink or fresh orange ribbon for a playful finish. A hairband revitalised with a cluster of vibrant red, orange, pink and mauve tiddly pompom balls is arresting and works with the daffodil frogging braided band. A blouse trimmed with satin sky blue frill on the collar and the sleeves are edged with zesty orange and green stretch frills. These military canvas bags have been recycled using a selection of bright cables, cords and frogging braids to infuse energy and personality. A sublime mix of blankets, throws, and cushions provide ample softness, each piece animated using a range of trims and braids, designs by @rosannabossomltd with trims from @vvrouleaux , vintage paisley and royal velvet cushions by @newtonandworthy with trims from @vvrouleaux , wool blankets and cushions from @countryabodes with jacquard braid and pompom trims from @vvrouleaux and tartan throws from @anta_scotland trimmed with a host of intricate and colourful jacquards.

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