How to decorate a Christmas tree


Very soon, everyone will be decorating their homes for Christmas with Garlands, Wreaths, and of course Tree Decorations. But the question is, is there a right or a wrong way to deck out your Christmas tree, and how do you make your fir fabulous? Decoration expert and V V Rouleaux founder Annabel Lewis has the answers with her 3-point Christmas "treeturial":

1. Pick your favourite tree and put it in the perfect spot

Whether you prefer a real or artificial tree that's plump or thin, choose a visible point in the room that's slightly out of the way of children playing and wagging tails. Measure the width, depth, and ceiling height of the space you're filling, not forgetting about the tree stand and topper, so that the branches of your tree hang freely and you can decorate all around.

2. Fluff it up and add some lights

Artificial trees which have been squashed in a box for 12 months, and real trees in netting, so they need a bit fluffing. Spend a while pulling out every individual branch of your tree so that it gets that lovely full look. Once that's done, check your fairy lights are working and weave them around every major branch from top to bottom leaving about six inches between the loops.

3. Choose some gorgeous decorations

Now for the fun part... choosing and finding decorations you're head-over-heels for which will make your Christmas tree truly special. Annabel recommends using a variety of shapes and sizes spread evenly from the centre of the tree outwards. And if you find a bauble or decoration that you like, buy them in multiples of four-eight to give your tree balance.

So there you have it! That's how to perfect Christmas tree decorating.


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