Oyster Shell - The 100 V V Rouleaux Colours



Shucked on a morning, a misty, sleek, cream shade, subtle and calming.

Oyster Shell is the perfect neutral off-white colour with a hint of cream. Ideal for decoration, fashion, and interiors alike; why not add Cotton Satin to your summer bridal bouquet, the Little Stars Ribbon makes the perfect gift wrap ribbon, or add some texture to your latest upholstery project with a Velvet Gimp.

We used the Oyster Shell Embroidered Flower in Organdy as a beautiful hair accessory in our 'Mismatched Bridesmaids' feature on V V Inspire. We paired it with complimenting colours including Magenta and Viola Purple, but as a neutral it goes with all shades. As you can see in the images below it works perfectly with natures shades of green and grey.

Have you used this colour in your project or are you planning to? Let us know in the comments box below and tag us in your photos on social media @vvrouleaux.

What a great colour combination, Oyster Shell with Black and White.
A shell dream.
Nature at its finest, a beautiful colour match of Oyster Shell, Grey Squirrel, and Flirtatious Spring.
Oyster Shell, Lily of the Valley, and White are the perfect wedding shades. Take a look at our Traditional Bridal Edit.
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