How to make a ribbon lampshade



Materials: Ribbon,  a lampshade, glue or a needle and thread, string to test length, a tape measure, pins, and scissors.

Ribbons... they're marvellous things aren't they! We're always dreaming up new ways to use this versatile trim  and one of our favourite, classic ways is making a ribbon lampshade. Picking up an old shade and transforming it with the help of a gorgeous ribbon. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a ribbon lamp, and it's really quite simple:

Step 1: Start by finding your lampshade. Search the charity shops, look in the attic, ask your friends. They can either be covered or bare frame, and any size or shape will do.

Step 2: Next, work out what you'd like your lampshade to look like. Think about colours and have a browse of our website to get your creative juices flowing. We have thousands of beautiful ribbons and pretty much any one of them will work!

Step 3: It's important to work out how much ribbon you'll need, of course. We recommend taking some string and wrapping it around the lampshade leaving gaps the width of your chosen ribbon.  Measure the string used, adding a bit more for sureness (bear in mind that you always need more than you think!), and there is your desired length of ribbon.

Step 4: Stick or stitch the end of the ribbon to the bottom edge of your lampshade and thread it round and round, overlapping slightly, making sure there is sufficient tension. Continue wrapping all the way around making sure to avoid twists as you go along. When you have covered the shade, cut the ribbon, and attach the edge to the inside of the shade.

Step 5: You now have an elegant, re-covered ribbon lampshade which you can leave plain, or accessorise with Fringe and Braids.

We hope you enjoy this project. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments box below. Happy making!

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