How to make a feather lampshade



Materials: Feather Fringe, a lampshade, string to test length, a tape measure, pins, scissors, glue, and a needle and thread.

A fabulously decadent feather lampshade is the star of any space and always a real talking point when you have guests over. Our feather trim comes as a finished braid that is super easy to work with - simply swathe it around an old shade and voilà! Annabel shows you how with our Flint Spotted Feather Fringe in the video tutorial above.

Step 1: Source a covered lampshade - old or new, large or small, domed or squared.

Step 2: To find out what length of feather fringe you need, pick your favourite fringe online or in store and note down its width. Then, wrap a piece of string around your chosen covered lampshade leaving a gap (the width of your favoured fringe) between each loop using pins to help you. Cut the end of the string, un-pin, measure, and you have the length of feather fringe you need.

Step 3: When you have your fringe and you're ready to go, pin and stitch it around the bottom edge of the lampshade and build up rows, turning the lampshade as you work your way up its sides and gluing the fringe down in small sections. When you reach the top rim of the lampshade, cut the feather fringe, sew it in place, and you have a stunning feather lampshade.

We're here to help, so if you have any questions  please do write to us in the comments box below. And if you've made a feather lampshade, why not tag us in your creations on social media @vvrouleaux? We'd love to see!

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