How to make a ribbon rose with wired ribbon


Make a Ribbon Rose

Materials: 1.3m of Wire Edge Ribbon and a needle and thread.

All you'll need to make a beautiful ribbon rose is 1.3m of wired ribbon, a tack stitch, and a little guidance from our video tutorial above.

Ribbon roses can be made with solid colour or ombré wired ribbon; you can make tight rosebuds with narrow ribbon, or big voluptuous blooms that could almost hold their own at the Chelsea Flower Show with wide ribbon. Take a look at our Wire Edge Ribbon Collection and select your favourites.

Once you've made your beautiful creations, you can sew them onto lampshades, curtains, or cushions, make a fabulous corsage, pop onto a hat, or simply display a selection of flowers in a glass bowl. A mix of colours looks fantastic and proportion also plays its part, so arrange different coloured mini-buds among bigger blooms - all shades, shapes, and sizes jostling for space together.

Post your creations on social media @vvrouleaux #vvrcraft

1 Pull out 10mm of wire from one edge of the ribbon at one end, and secure. Pull the other end of that wire, gathering the ribbon along one edge only to create a circular shape.
2 Tightly roll up one end of the ruched side of the ribbon to create a bud at the centre of the rose. Continue rolling, and as your flower gets bigger move the next fold outwards further away from the centre.  Adjust the flower shape as necessary and pin as you go.
3 Using a needle and thread, sew the ribbon on the reverse of the flower shape to hold it in position.  Make sure you sew the centre securely so the bud doesn’t fall out of the middle of the coil.
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