Leaf Green - The 100 V V Rouleaux Colours



V V Rouleaux's Leaf Green is inspired by the fresh, soft brightness of the first summer leaves.

Bringing green into your home, whether in big painted walls, or small trimmed touches here and there, will always create a sense of calm. The mind goes instantly to peaceful places like forests and gardens. Places you would naturally relax.

Leaf Green is a beautiful colour if you’re planning a wedding during the spring or summer months. Team it up with White or Lily Of The Valley to set an elegant trend throughout your wedding, or if you’re getting married later in the year then consider teaming Leaf Green up with Ripe Wheat, Grey Squirrel or Fallen Leaf to create a warm, yet sophisticated feel to your big day.

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Have you used Leaf Green for your wedding, fashion or interior project? We'd love to see! Tag us on social media @vvrouleaux with your creations!

Bring the beauty and calm of nature into your home with Leaf Green trimmings.
Our Leaf Green collection.
Leaf Green glass bottles.
A decadent Leaf Green chandelier.
One of our beautiful Leaf Green pleated ribbon fashion accessories. Use them as belts, neck ties and hat trims. Available to purchase in our Marylebone Lane shop. Alternatively, call 0207 224 5179 or email [email protected]
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