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According to research, blue is the worlds favourite colour. It's not hard to understand why with so many gorgeous shades! A particular favourite of ours is Marine - an intensely hued blue, reminiscent of the ocean, which not only evokes sophistication, but also comfort and warmth.

Marine adds instant mood factor in a living space, amping up the cosiness and giving a space drama. We love dark blue walls paired with lots of texture and interesting textiles (aka our MRibbons & Trimmings). This shade would also makebe a great wedding colour scheme; blue is ever popular, but incredible Marine details offer something a little bit different.

For those looking to combine colours, White, Old Azalea and Reds are great complimentary choices.

Is this shade for you? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you have some of our ribbons and trimmings we’d love to see how you’re using them. Tag us on social media @vvrouleaux to show us your creations.

Just a few Marine accents add spark to a muted, neutral room. Why not upholster your furniture or edge cushions with trimmings in this shade?
Marine inspiration is everywhere, even on vintage cars! A timeless colour.
Ocean blue with a touch of kelp in the green depths.
A winning colour combination: MarineHimalayan Poppy and Kingfisher.
A decadent Marine ceramic swirl by our craft hero Moriam Grillo.
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