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Pitch Blue is a shade which reminds us of the night sky lit up by a frosty full moon.

Quite the colour of the moment, interest began on the catwalk with models and visiting fashion editors alike donning the shade. Then the luxe, discrete Pitch Blue made a statement in interiors magazines with furniture, lampshades, soft furnishings and accessories all being trimmed in the shade.

A dramatic yet contemporary colour, Pitch Blue offers a fashion-forward alternative to neutrals, greys and blacks. It is extremely versatile, working with almost all of The 100 V V Rouleaux Colours. We think it looks particularly lively teamed with White and Yellows.

Take a peak at our inspiration board below and let us know what you think in the comments box. Embracing the winter blues has never been more fashionable!

Have you used Pitch Blue trims? Tag us on social media @vvrouleaux to show us your creations.

A Pitch Blue selection of Ribbons and Trimmings.
A vintage Pitch Blue and flower detail ribbon from V V Rouleaux founder Annabel's secret stash.
We love the ombre effect on these trainers almost as much as our Blueberry Ombre Wired Ribbon.
Use Pitch Blue as an 'eyeliner' to draw attention to gorgeous shapes. Velvet Piping, Braid and Cord are excellent choices.
As Christian Dior once wisely said, "Individuality will always be one of the conditions of real elegance". Show off your personality and evoke true elegance by adorning your home and clothes with our Trimmings.
Attaching one of our beautiful Flowers is a simple way to make a whole outfit!
We picked out a couple of V V Rouleaux's 100 Colours in this luxurious faux fur coat. Featured is our Lobelia Single Sided Velvet Ribbon, Pitch Blue Gimp and Black Satin Ribbon.
A hand-painted Pitch Blue ceramic swirl by our craft hero Moriam Grillo. Just beautiful!
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