Ascot Hats

We make all our Ascot Hats in our V V Chapeaux Atelier. We have V V Bespoke ranges , V V Ready to Wear ranges, and V V Reinvents ranges. at V V Chapeaux - our new Atelier in the Marylebone Lane shop. Here you can come in and discuss and design a hat to match your specific requirements - and then we make it for you! Usually that is about a 3 day turnaround. but for those of you running late for Royal Ascot we have managed to help you in a day!


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Moroccan Mint Tea Daytripper
From £395.00
Pitch Jessica Bow
From £395.00
Post Box Red Carmel
From £365.00
Sherbet Lemon San Francisco Pleat
From £375.00
Barley Dust Colleen
From £395.00
Stone Rimini
From £310.00
Daffodil Salerno
From £365.00
Pebble Sondrio
From £395.00
Black Black Straw Percher
Flint Feather Tourbillon
Black Cream Striped Straw Base
White Nympheas Blancs
Pink Belle Floraison
Rose Blush Bow on Bow Headband
From £310.00
Sludge Green Bow on Bow Headband
From £310.00

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